Research / Station Use Application

  • Complete this form if you are a group leader wishing to host an event at the Station, or a research program leader (e.g. PI, postdoc, grad student) wishing to conduct work here. Only one form per project/activity is needed.
  • This form also lets you request research support.
  • Housing reservations are done separately:
    • Visiting groups (e.g. events, conferences, meetings) will be contacted by someone from MLBS following completion of this form.
    • Individual Station users must complete a housing request to secure a reservation following approval of this application.


Fields with red asterisks are required.

Personal Information
Contact Information
Proposed Research or Activity

Description of Proposed Work:

Paste in a short proposal (bullet / outline format is fine). Please include:

  1. A brief description of the project and goals.
  2. Procedures/manipulations/methodologies that will be adopted, with special attention to long-term impacts on the land or biota of MLBS and surrounding area and potential conflicts with other field work.
  3. GPS coordinates if available.
  4. Timeline: Duration of project activities at MLBS from inception, what dates are planned this year, and will the project potentially run into future years.
  5. Estimation of lab or group size (co-PIs, assistants, technicians, employees, etc.)
Use of vertebrates requires special advanced approval. Please see: Use of Vertebrate Animals in Research and Teaching. All animal users and handlers are responsible for knowing and satisfying all state, federal, and institutional requirements. This includes all home institution and University of Virginia IACUC and Occupational Health requirements.

Research Support Request (optional):
MLBS has some funds to help cover costs of doing research for graduate students and early career faculty. If you wish to be considered for one of these awards please provide a brief budget (e.g. station fees and research expenses) and information on any other current or pending support. Review of applications for support begins March 15.

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Please review your application before submitting. Thank you very much!