1997 REU Projects

Bailey, M. Chris  (University of South Carolina).  Mentor:  Patricia DeCoursey (University of South Carolina).  An examination of survival rates and life-long reproductive success of chipmunks deprived of their neural biological timing systems.

Chalmers, Rebecca  (Marlboro College).  Mentor:  Leslie Rissler (University of Virginia).  A comparative study of Desmognathus assemblages across the Eastern Continental Divide.

Helin, Amanda  (Carleton College).  Mentors:  Eric Nagy and Laura Galloway (University of Virginia).  Inflorescence preformation and reproductive allocation in Amianthium muscaetoxicum.

Koch, Benjamin  (University of Virginia).  Mentors:  Henry Wilbur and Doug Taylor (University of Virginia).  How certain ecological characteristics of Castanea dentata interact with the infectious strategy of Cryphonectria parasitica.

Krstolic, Jennifer  (Valparaiso University).  Mentors:  Lorne Wolfe and Rytas Vilgalyss (Georgia Southern University and Duke University).  On variance levels in flowering morphology:  The role of symmetry and pollinator preference.

Lau, Jennifer  (Duke University). Mentor:  Mentor:  Laura Galloway.  Factors affecting the pollen removal of Campanula americana.

Lewis, Jennifer  (Eastern Michigan University).  Mentor:  Eric Nagy (University of Virginia).  Morphological variation in a Monarda hybrid population across a habitat boundary on an abandoned golf course.

Maupin, Jennifer  (University of Tennessee).  Mentor:  Erica Crespi (University of Virginia).  Salamanders and spiders as predators of the forest floor community.

Palen, Wendy  (University of Virginia).  Mentor:  Henry Wilbur (University of Virginia).  The roles of competition and predation in structuring freshwater stream communities; the crayfish assemblage of the Mountain Lake region.

Smith, Sarah  (Bridgewater College).  Mentor:  Patricia DeCoursey (University of South Carolina).  Suprachiasmatic nuclei lesions in wild-caught, free-living chipmunks (Tamias striatus):  Effects of mortality, territoriality shifts, and burrow activity.

Trimble, Steve  (Denison University).  Mentor:  Doug Taylor and Dave McCauley (University of Virginia and Vanderbilt University)  Colonization ability in the gynodioecious Bladder Campion (Silene vulgaris).