Workshop Registration



Emergency Contact (not a person who will be with you at MLBS)
Housing request
Workshop participants will be assigned shared housing unless other arrangements are made in advance. These requests are not guaranteed and are subject to available space and additional fees. If you require private housing, please confirm availability prior to arrival.
Dietary Restrictions

Indicate dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, no pork, celiac disease) and food allergies. The dining hall can accommodate basic dietary restrictions but cannot cater to other individual food preferences.

Health & Comfort

Indicate any medical or personal needs that may require special accommodation (e.g. allergies, disabilities, medication storage). Please also tell us anything we might find useful in providing for your safety, health, and comfort. Alternatively, you may email or call 540-626-7196.

Use "Workshop Payment Selection Page" button to choose payment option and continue to the EPay page.
You must pay, at minimum, the workshop deposit to complete your registration. 
A confirmation will be sent when payment is received. If the workshop is full, you will be notified and automatically added to the waitlist. 

For questions about workshops or your registration please call 434-982-5486 or email

Mountain Lake Biological Station values diversity and is committed to equal opportunity and affirmative action in all its programs.

Thank you very much!

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