REU Program Reference Letter Form

Dear Referee, 

We recommend completing this form after receiving the automated message generated by the student's completed application. This is because the student email address you enter here must match exactly that provided in the automated message. It is not required that you wait for the automated prompt, but the email addresses must match for your reference to be linked to the student application.

The student you are writing for is applying to participate in the Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program at Mountain Lake Biological Station. If accepted, the student will live at the station for 10 weeks and conduct a field-based population-level research project under the supervision of a senior researcher. Our program allows students to explore ecological, evolutionary and behavioral research as a career option and provides instruction and guidance in the design and execution of a scientific investigation.  Participation in the program requires intellectual ability and curiosity, hard work, attention to detail, initiative, and the ability to live in close quarters with a variety of other people. If you can complete this recommendation form by February 25 it will be greatly appreciated.  CLICK here to learn more about the program.


Referee Information
REU Student Applicant Information
Please make sure you enter this exactly as it appears in the automated reference request you received from us. This is how we link applications and references.
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Written evaluation of the student.
Please provide your frank assessment of the applicant's assets and limitations in regard to our program, and whether or not the applicant is seriously considering a career in ecology, evolutionary biology, behavior, or conservation biology. Please also feel to elaborate on any issue raised above. Examples are always very useful.

Agreement Respecting Confidentiality: It is the policy of the MLBS REU program to maintain referee confidentiality. But student applicants are given the opportunity to waive, or not waive, their right of access to this recommendation form under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy act of 1974. The program will not release referee material unless required to under the 1974 Privacy act, or other legal or University order.

Thank you very much!  Please contact us if you have any questions about the reference form or the REU program: 434-243-4989 or

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