2003 REU Projects

Ash, Jeremy (McGill University). Mentors: Dudash and Fenster (University of Maryland College Park). The effects of bee and moth mediated selection on floral trait suites in Silene stellata.

Gaudioso, Jacqueline (Jackie) (Providence College). Mentors: McGlothlin and Ketterson (Indiana University). Do plumage ornaments signal parental quality in female dark-eyed Juncos (Junco hyemalis)? The relationship between ornamentation and incubation.

Greives, Timothy (Indiana University). Mentors: Zyslin and Ketterson (Indiana University). Behavioral and physiological implications of elevated testosterone in the female Dark-eyed Junco; Junco hyemalis.

Jones, Andrea (Hartwick College). Mentor: Pedersen (University of Virginia). Immune mediated response to intestinal parasite infection.

Peloquin, Jennifer (Siena College). Mentor: Acoin (University of Virginia). pH sensitivity in stream salamanders: Variation by species and location.

Provost, Katie (The College of William and Mary). Mentor: Ruthig (University of Virginia). Saprolegnia: True multihost pathogen or undercover specialist?

Richardson, Jonathan (University of Virginia). Mentor: Wilbur (University of Virginia). Phenotypic plasticity and the false allee effect.

Streicker, Daniel (University of Virginia). Mentor: Pedersen (University of Virginia). Infection patterns of intestinal parasites in allopatric and sympatric populations of Peromyscus.

Stuble, Katharine (Katie) (St. Mary's College of Maryland). Mentor: Galloway (University of Virginia). The role of environmental factors in the germination of Campanula americana.

Westbrook, Marjorie (Jody) (University of Virginia). Mentors: Dudash and Fenster (University of Maryland College Park). The relative importance of day and night pollinators to the reproductive success of Silene stellata.

Williams, Bradley (University of Central Arkansas). Mentor: Kraus (University of Virginia). Effect of allochthonous terrestrial arthropods on larval odonate feeding preference at the aquatic terrestrial boundary.