Housing Request

  • Housing and meals must be arranged at least three days prior to your intended arrival. We cannot currently accommodate shorter notice. If you are hoping to come within four days, please fill out this form and also email jjones@virginia.edu.
  • Cancelations/changes: In order to prevent billing or be eligible for a refund, you must notify us of any changes to your reservation before 10:30 AM a day in advance of when the change would take effect.
    • NOTE: Submit a separate housing request for each person requiring separate accommodations.

    Personal Information
    Contact Information
    Emergency Contact (not a person who will be with you at MLBS)
    Visit Details
    Check in time is 4:00pm. For arrivals in less than two business days, complete this form, but also call 540-626-7196 AND email jjones@virginia.edu. Visits must be arranged NO LATER than 10:30 AM a day prior to your desired arrival.
    Check out time is 12:00pm.
    List names and genders of everyone requesting housing through this form. Also provide AGES of any minors
    Housing request
    Course students and undergraduate researchers are assigned to dormitory-style accommodations. Requests are not guaranteed and are subject to available space.
    Dietary Restrictions

    Please indicate dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, no pork) and any food allergies.

    Health & Comfort

    Indicate any medical or personal needs that may require special accommodation (e.g. disability, medication storage, allergies). Please also tell us anything we might find useful in providing for your safety, health, and comfort. Alternatively, you may email mlbs@virginia.edu or call 540-626-7196.

    Other notes?
    **If there are cohabitating people who will need separate bills, describe the breakdown here and provide each person's email address**

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