2007 REU Projects

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Cáceres, Rita (University of Puerto Rico). Mentor: Tami Ransom (University of Virginia). The effects of an ecosystem engineer on the behavior of Plethodon cinereus.

Connette, Grant (Davidson College). Mentors: William Resetarits and Christopher Binckley (University of Southampton and Old Dominion University). Size-structured interactions between crayfish (Cambarus bartonii) and larval spring salamanders (Gyrinophilus porphyriticus).

Jackson, Jerrah (Indiana University). Mentor: Kristine Grayson (University of Virginia). The behavioral response of female red-spotted newts ( Notophthalmus viridescens ) to sex-ratio variation.

Lin, Susan (Amherst College). Mentor: Laura Galloway (University of Virginia). Impact of deer herbivory on the survival, recovery and reproductive phenology of the herbaceous plant Campanulastrum americanum.

Loaiza, Elizabeth (University of Costa Rica). Mentor: Katie Burke (University of Virginia). Impacts of fire on species composition of a forest community at Mountain Lake Biological Station.

Nelson, Lori (University of Virginia). Mentors: Henry Wilbur and Becky Wilbur (University of Virginia). The differential response of tree species to forest disturbances. 

Ousterhout, Britt (Dartmouth College). Mentor: Eric Liebgold (University of Virginia). Dispersal vs. site tenacity in red-backed salamanders (Plethodon cinereus).

Quintana, Daniel (University of Rochester). Mentor: Eric Nagy (University of Virginia). Environmental variation and the distribution of genetic variation across a hybrid zone in the wood fern Dryopteris.

Richardson, Jennifer (Indiana University). Mentors: Edmund "Butch" Brodie III (University of Virginia) and Vincent Formica ( Gettysburg College). How phenotypes of social partners affect a component of social selection in Bolitotherus cornutus.

Schultz, Elizabeth (Indiana University). Mentor: Nicki Gerlach (Indiana University). Correlated behavioral traits: An investigation of the behavioral syndrome in dark-eyed juncos (Junco hyemalis).

Spevak, Erin (Marlboro College). Mentor: Sara Schrock (Indiana University). Nestling symmetry and immune response as measures of developmental stability in Dark-Eyed Juncos (Junco hyemalis).

Webb, William (Howard University). Mentors: William Resetarits and Christopher Binckley (University of Southampton, UK, and Old Dominion University). Substrate dependent survival of the Northern Dusky Salamander (D. fuscus) in the presence of the seal salamander (D. monticola).