2009 REU Projects

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Brown, Janna (Georgia Southern University).  Mentor:  Lorne Wolfe (Georgia Southern University).  The role of genetic diversity and plant density on colonizing population performance:  An experimental test with the invasive plant, Silene latifolia.

Buderman, Frances (Cornell University).  Mentor: Eric Liebgold (University of Virginia). Effect of age class and search method on parameter estimation in Plethodon cinereus.

Chaby, Lauren (Clarkson University).  Mentor:  Kristal Cain (Indiana University). Extrinsic and intrinsic factors as predictors of risk-taking behavior and nest success in female songbirds. 

Larsen, Whitney (Cornell University).  Mentor:  Vince Formica (University of Virginia).  Fitness consequences of social networks in forked fungus beetles (Bolitotherus cornutus).

Montgomery, David (Grinnell College).  Mentor:  Vince Formica (University of Virginia). Audience effect of a social environment on courtship in Bolitotherus cornutus.

Pagan, Viankie (University of Puerto Rico).  Mentor:  Eric Nagy (University of Virginia).  Spore germination and fitness on hybrid ferns from the wood fern genus Dryopteris.

Rearick, Daniel (Clarion University of Pennsylvania).  Mentor:  Tami Ranson (University of Virginia). Indirect effects of deer populations on earthworms within Virginian deciduous hardwood forests.

Rice, Rebecca (Indiana University).  Mentor:  Dustin Reichard (Indiana University).  Disentangling structure and amplitude in birdsong: behavioral response of male Dark-eyed Juncos (Junco hyemalis) to two distinct song classes.

Rich, Miriam (Swarthmore College) Mentors:  Kristal Cain (Indiana University). Response of female dark-eyed juncos (Junco hyemalis) to simulated intrusions by male and female conspecifics.

Siegal, Ruby (Fort Lewis College).  Mentor:  Katie Burke (University of Virginia). Effects of interacting disturbance and environment on former oak-chestnut forests eighty years after chestnut blight (Cryphonectria parasitica) introduction.

Terry, Anne (University of Texas).  Mentor:  Leleña Avila (University of Virginia).  Does where you live influence what you eat? Influence of microhabitat and phylogeny on feeding ecology.