REU Program Frequently Asked Questions

1. My school does not let out until after the REU program starts. Is it possible to arrive a little late?

  • Yes.  Please go ahead and apply. Late arrivals are not uncommon. If you are admitted we will make it work for you.

2. It's tax time! Will I get a W-2 from Mountain Lake or the University of Virginia for my summer REU stipend?

  • No. The REU stipend is awarded by the University of Virginia and is considered a "fellowship" or “true fellowship” by the United States IRS. REU researchers will not receive a W-2 tax form from the University, and nothing will be withheld from the fellowship award. Neither MLBS staff, nor anyone at the University, can advise you on how to report the fellowship for tax purposes; 1) because we do not know the ever-changing tax law, and 2) the University is not permitted (by law) to give tax advice.