Artists-in-Residence / June 23 - July 6, 2024

ArtLab @ Mountain Lake Biological Station

Artist-in-Residence Application (due February 1)



The ArtLab Artists-in-Residence program began informally in 2013 when 13 artists were invited to stay at Mountain Lake for part of the summer. Artists were recruited from Virginia, nationally, and globally. Most stayed for about two weeks. The program has continued ever since. Six artists-in-residence are invited to live and work at MLBS alongside six undergraduate student artists from the University of Virginia, and a Lucile Walton Fellow. Residents share studio space. All studio fees, user fees, and housing costs are covered by the program. Artists-in-Residence pay only dining fees. The 2024 ArtLab program runs from Sunday, June 23 - Saturday, July 6. 

Complete an application to be considered for the program. Deadline for applications is 11:59pm February 1, annually.

Questions about the program or the Station? Contact Eric Nagy, MLBS Associate Director,, 434-243-4989.

2024 Artists

Julia Galloway  (Lucille Walton Fellow)
Others TBD...

2023 Artists

Suzanna Fields
Susan Jamison
Matt King
Meredeth Leich
Stephen Vitiello
Ellen Wiese
Ashley Williams (Lucille Walton Fellow)

2022 Artists

Steve Ashby
Karen Bell
Laura Carlson
Michael DiRosa
Sharon Horvath (Lucille Walton Fellow)
Ed Miller

2020 & 2021 programs were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2019 Artists

Sara Bouchard
Greg Brellochs
Rob Carter
Margaret Cogswell (Lucille Walton Fellow)
Robert Kaputof
     MLBS work: /
Akemi Ohira Rollando

2018 Artists

John Arnold
Nancy Blum (Lucille Walton Fellow)
Federico Cuatlcuatl
Mariam Eqbal
Josh Rodenberg
Amy Youngs

2017 Artists

Laura Censabella
Mariam Eqbal
Hillary Fayle 
Laurie Hogin (Lucile Walton Fellow)
Morgan Herrin
Sarah Mizer

2016 Artists

Pam Brown
Aijung Kim
Thomas Ladd
Chris Mahonski
Marc Robarge
Jo Yarrington (Lucile Walton Fellow)

2015 Artists

Amy Chan
Zehra Khan
Nathalie Miebach (Lucile Walton Fellow)
Val Molnar
Matt Spahr

2014 Artists

Pam Brown
Amy Chan
Sally Duhig
Alan Powell
Stephen Vitiello (Lucile Walton Fellow)

2013 Artists

Bill Bennet
Ana Golici (Lucile Walton Fellow)
Belinda Gordon
Harriet Hoover 
Megan Marlatt
Jessica (Joy) Meyer  
Annabel Nowlan
Judith Pratt
Richard Robinson
Jennifer Stuerzl
Maggie Sullivan
Linda Wachtmeister
Meg West