Lucile Walton Fellow

ArtLab @ Mountain Lake Biological Station

Lucile Walton Fellows

The Lucile Walton Fellowship began in 2013 and is named for long-time and much-loved Station resident Lucile Walton. The Lucile Walton Fellow is supported to participate in the two-week ArtLab program by the UVA Department of Art and donor contributions. During the Summer Seminar Series, the Lucile Walton Fellow delivers a lecture to the biological station community. Fellows are identified by invitation.

2024 Julia Galloway

2023 Ashley Williams

2022  Sharon Horvath

2021  Program cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

2020  Program cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

2019  Margaret Cogswell

2018  Nancy Blum

2017  Laurie Hogin

2016  Jo Yarrington

2015  Nathalie Miebach

2014  Stephen Vitiello 

2013  Ana Golici


Photos: Stephen Vitiello (top), Ana Golici (bottom)