Cascade: An ArtLab Exhibition

Summer 2017 Student Fellows
Wednesday, October 18, 2017


An exhibition of work by
ArtLab at Mountain Lake Biological Station
Summer 2017 Student Fellows

NOTE: Exhibition is at:  Ruffin Hall, 179 Culbreth Rd, Charlottesville -  On the UVA campus, NOT at MLBS

Amanda Downing
Claire Golladay
Corrinne James
Charlie Lambert
Lauren Meinhart
Arrietta Van Der Voort

ArtLab at Mountain Lake Biological Station brings scientists and artists together in a residential environment, allowing for interaction and collaboration.

At ArtLab, we provide an opportunity for students, faculty and professionals in the arts and sciences to actively collaborate and learn from one another by offering four programs: The Lucile Walton Artist Fellowship, Artists-in-Residence, The Student Fellowship and various teaching programs.

The Student Fellowship at Mountain Lake Biological Station is given to a select group of intermediate and advanced Studio majors each year. The program encourages them to continue their creative practice over the summer, introducing them to professional artists and giving them a taste of what an artist residency si like.  For two weeks, these students and artists work independently alongside scientists at UVA’s mountaintop field station in Giles County, Virginia. The students and artists sleep in cabins, work outdoors and in science labs, eat in the main dining hall and share their creative ideas with each other and the scientific community. No college credit or assignments are given. The only obligation to their fellowship is this exhibition, showcasing the artistic experiments of their time at Mountain Lake Biological Station.