George Byers Passes Away

Thursday, January 11, 2018


A loss in the Mountian Lake family. Entomology instructor George Byers passes away. 

Henry Wilbur remembers George this way - "George was a beloved entomology teacher every other summer for decades. His kindness and complete attention to students instilled devotion and extreme loyalty among his students. My favorite anecdote is how a UVa varsity wrestler who worked hard to hone his image as a tough gut not to be approached fell under George's spell, made a collection of big, vicious wasps for the class and begged me to let him return the following summer as the station's librarian in order to continue his collecting."

And from Jim Murray - "For so many years he was a stalwart member of our staff at Mountain Lake.  It was not only his encyclopedic knowledge of the insect fauna of the area.  He was also a dedicated mentor for his students and a contributor to the community life."

His obituary in Lawrence Journal.


George Byers