Master's Degree Program

Requirements for the MS degree in Biology at MLBS

The Master of Science in Biology at Mountain Lake Biological Station (MLBS) is completed during a minimum of three full summer sessions at MLBS. Successful completion of 30 credit hours of graduate level coursework, including a minimum of 24 credits of graded coursework (exclusive of graduate-level research courses), is required. Included in the 24 credit hours is a minimum of four graded lecture, laboratory or field research courses taken at MLBS. Participation in the MLBS summer seminar series, completion of a University-approved online training session about responsible conduct and reporting of research, and a formal thesis committee meeting once per summer are also required. Successful defense of a written thesis, based primarily on laboratory or field research at MLBS, is necessary for the degree. All degree requirements must be fulfilled within five summer sessions and within five years from the time of matriculation.

In order to do a Master's at Mountain Lake you need to apply to the UVA Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The deadline for biology department applications is mid-December.

Contact the Station for more information and application procedures.