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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Updated MLBS Statement on COVID-19 Pandemic Impact

Mountain Lake is a close-knit residential community. We live, work, eat, and play in close proximity to one another. We are students, faculty, staff, researchers of all stripes, and family members of all ages. COVID-19 risk status varies a lot among us. We have older or more at-risk community members, and children who have not been vaccinated. We ask that you consider everyone as you make vaccination, masking, and other social decisions. KN95 masks are freely available on the station. We ask that you wear one in the dining hall serving line. Outside of that environment, you are free to make your own masking decision. But we encourage you to mask-up in public buildings, station gatherings, or other high-density situations. In all cases, please respect and support the masking decisions of those around you. Free rapid self-tests are also available to all station users. 

This policy is adapted from the current UVA policy which provides guidance and requirements on vaccination, masking, testing, and visitors.

  • Vaccination:  We urge all station users, guests, and visitors to arrive fully vaccinated.
  • Masking:  KN95 masks are required in the Jefferson Dining Hall serving lineMasking is encouraged in public buildings, station gatherings, and other high-density situations.
  • Testing:  Rapid self-tests are freely available to anyone who wants one. If you are feeling unwell or are concerned about recent coronavirus contact, please ask for a test as often as you like.
  • Visitors:  All guests and visitors are expected to observe this policy. Overnight guests must submit a housing request at least 3-days in advance. Not all requests will be approved. Please come to us early if you are expecting a guest.

Please contact us with any questions. 

Eric Nagy
Associate Director
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2022 Program and Activity Cancellations:

  • Open House is cancelled
  • Walton Lecture is cancelled
  • Square dances are cancelled